Rules & Regulations


1.English is the language of the School Campus. In all circumstances within the campus the students shall communicate in English with one another and with the staff.

2.Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, habitual late arrival, addictions and improper dress habits are conducts injurious to the moral tone of the school and justify dismissal at any time of the year.

3.Attendance on the closing day and on the re- opening day before or after the holidays or breaks (winter, summer, Easter, Board Examination, Pooja) are mandatory. Absence on such cases may lead to the forfeiting of seat or payment Rs 100/- as fine per day.

4.A minimum of 80% of attendance is necessary for any student to attend Annual Examination, to be considered from Promotion and for awarding Grades etc.

5.Any student caught resorting to unfair means in an examination (Half Yearly / Promotion) will be awarded zero marks in that subject and will be considered failed will have repeat class.

6.Student are expected to comport themselves in a manner befitting the stature and sanctity of the School. A student is liable for expulsion or may be dealt with severely by the school authorities on any of the following grounds:

·Possession or consumption of alcohol purchase of it in school uniform/ smoking/ chewing tobacco or ingesting any illegal substance defined as narcotics/ any other defined as such under law, habitual use of chewing gum in the campus, etc.

·Posting objectionable comments about the school, the school staff or about other fellow students on social networking sites, even on personal accounts which is visit to the public.

·Stealing, ragging, hurting verbally/ physically/ on social networking sites/ bullying/ forging signatures are serious offences and will be dealt with severely.

·Displaying unruly and delinquent behaviour that causes disturbance/panic to others.

·Quarrelling/ indulging in violent/ disruptive behaviour/ using abusive languages/ careless remarks to hurt or defame students/ staff.

·Possession of mobile phones/ other such gadgets / valuable / ornaments/ huge sum of money / foreign currency is considered a great offense and if seized shall not be returned. The school is not responsible for the loss of such things.

·Wilful avoidance from Tests/ Examinations or irregular attendance.

·Showing disrespect to teachers/ any other staff/ students/ visitors or to any religion and culture.

·Habitual late arrival/ absence from school/ bunking classes etc. Will lead to rustication from school.

·Indifference to corrections, guidance or warnings for repeated violation of any rules.

Any act of indiscipline, insubordination and interference in the School administration and disgracing the School through wrongful conduct.

7.Any damage wilfully done to School property must be made good by the students guilty of such damage as appraised by the authorities.

8.Scribbling/ drawing pictures on desk/benches/ walls, etc. Are equivalent to damage caused to the school property. Hence action taken on such behaviour will be based on that.

9.Coming to school with an unbecoming hairstyle/ inappropriate uniform/painted or untrimmed nails/ face make ups/ tattoos etc will lead to punishment.

10.No student is allowed to form any group or attend meetings unless they are promoted helped by the school authorities.

11.Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings.

12.The school cannot be held responsible for accidents minor/ serious to pupils during their stay in the school or while taking part in sports/ co- curricular activities within or outside the school premises.

13.Pupils are strictly forbidden to introduce objectionable literature in the school.

14.Parcels and letters addressed to the students are subject to inspection.

15.Pupils on their way to and from school are expected to conduct themselves in responsible manner.

16.Each student is to enter and leave class room in an orderly manner. They are to leave their class room in two file at all time. It is the responsibility of each class to see at the conclusion of class, all widows are closed. When moving through the school corridors/campus for class or cultural programme, etc. In double file and as quickly as possible.

17.Strict silence and great reverence is expected from the students during assembly/ prayer/ when someone is addressing the students. Misbehaviour at such moments will be dealt with severely.

18.Each student is personally responsible for keeping the school clean and taking care of the furniture.

19.Chalks are to be carried only by the teachers in the chalk box. No student is permitted to take chalk from the office.

20.Students are prohibited to give or take things (article, letters etc.) to and from the classmates/outsiders or get engaged in exchange/ sale and purchase of goods. In case of any necessity, this shall be done through the school authorities.

21.No students shall remain in the classroom during breaks and assemblies. No pupil shall leave the school premises without the permission of the school authorities during school hours.


1.If a student is absent from school for one or two days the leave note is to be filled in the School Diary duly signed by the parents/ guardians and to be presented to the principal/Vice Principal before the school assembly and on entering the class signed by the class teacher. (The reason is to be given in brief.)

2.If a student is absent for three days or more or on any Examination, the leave letter is to be presented by the parent/guardian in person to the Principal/ Vice Principal before the morning assembly, with valid documents to support the reason for absence.

3.In case of illness causing absence from the school for more than two days the leave letter is to be supported with a medical certificate and to be presented by the parent/ guardian in person to the Principal.

4.In case of prolonged illness, the school Authorities should be informed about the illness at the earliest.

5.Students suffering from any infectious disease should stay away from attending regular classes/ Tests/ Examinations with information to the Principal and on return, shall procure a Medical Fitness Certificate.

6.Any unauthorized absence from school for 15 days or more, the school shall have her/his name Struck Off the Rolls without any prior notification. For continuation of study in the school she/he shall seek fresh admission.

7.Half day leave is not granted ordinarily except in case of emergency occurring during the school hours either to the family or to the pupil. The right to grant such leave is reserved to the discretion of the Principal/Vice Principal alone.

8.In case a student is found with any communicable disease that pupil may be asked to discontinue /stay away from the school until fully recovered with due respect and charity to the entire student community.

9.Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. Students who come late habitually may be sent home.

10.With the First Bell all should be on the assembly ground and get ready for the morning Exercise. With the Second Bell the assembly will begin.


1)The school organizes a number of co-curricular activities and cultural programme for the total development of the students. All students are obliged to take part in these. Excellence in academics alone doesn’t make a complete person.

2)Eager and active participation in all the activities of school enables the students to become fit and free in every circumstances.

3)Every student from class Six to XII is member of various clubs:

    i)Eco Club, Energy Club, Electoral Literacy Club, Legal Literacy Club.

    ii)NCC both for boys and girls

These Co-curricular activities help the students to become smart, socially integrated and committed persons.

4)Some of the other activities and competitions that are organized in the school are: Sports & Games, Fine arts, Speech , Recitation, Fancy Dress, Quiz, Drama, Debates, Concerts, Exhibitions, Outings to help the students to learn, explore and live enthusiastically.

5)Active concern for the poor in the form of social service and collection to alleviate their lot is part of the duty of every student. It is expected that this extends beyond the boundaries of the school.

6)The students are expected to dynamically participate in the regular and extraordinary cleaning programmes organized both in the school premises and outside ungrudgingly to develop their civic sense and keep them socially active and committed.



1.Parents/guardians are requested to affix their specimen signature in the space indicated in the School Diary as well as in the descriptive form. No other signature will be accepted on the Regularity Record, Report Card etc.

2.Parents are requested to notify to the school authorities whenever there is a change in their address or mobile numbers.

3.Parents /guardians are not allowed to see their wards or interview teachers during school hours. This shall always be done with prior permission from Principal / Vice Principal.

4.Parents /guardians are earnestly requested to co-operate with the school authorities regarding rules, regulations, study, home assignments, neatness and exactness in the dress code, co-curricular activities and character training of their children.

5.Parents /guardians are requested to inculcate in their children the value of regular attendance and punctuality.

6.Parents/ guardians are requested to provide their children with sufficient set of uniform and to see their neatness, cleanliness and exactness.

7.Any communication (request, suggestions, complaint etc.) the parents/ guardians are requested to meet the Principal/Vice Principal in person for better understanding.

8.Parents/guardians should make it a point to attend the Parent – Teacher Meeting at the given time and date. They are requested to bring the School Diary along with for the meeting.

9.Parents /guardians are requested to check the school diary daily and sign the remarks made in the calendar. 

10.Students are not encouraged to take tuitions outside the school from the teacher of St. Thomas Higher Secondary School. They can always approach them to get their doubts cleared.

11.Parents/guardians are to ensure that, their children are provided with a nutritious lunch. The students are strictly forbidden from bringing Junk food, dry food, sweets, cool drinks etc.

12.The school does not tolerate any kind of Parties (Birthday, Friendship Day, etc.) by the students in the campus in small groups or as a class and parents are to ensure that their wards are not provided with money/ items to share in the class/ with friends on such occasions.

13.No sale/ purchase are permitted at the school campus or at the school gate either by the parents or by the students and between students.

14.All parents are expected to respect the Traffic Rule. No vehicles should be brought to the school campus or at the gate of the school during school hours: 8:30 A M to 3:30 PM.

15.The school publishes photographs/ videos with the students at different/programmes conducted in the school   website and whatsApp for official purposes. In case any parents/guardians have any objection in this regard shall be given in writing. This request shall be renewed every year.

16.Any certificate will be issued only two days after the application has been submitted in the office. (Parents /guardians are requested to write an application to obtain any certificate. No certificate will be issued from the school office without application).


1.Every student is expected to be punctual, smart, humble, honest, truthful, gentle, and kind in the school and out of the school.

2.No student will be admitted to the classroom without full and proper uniform.

3.No vulgar books, magazine of any sort, newspaper shall be brought to the school and shall never be vulgar in talks and behaviour.

4.Students should practice polite way of talking. Words like “Thank you” , “Excuse me”, “Sorry”, “Please”, “May I”, “Could I”, “I would like to have”, etc. Shall be integral part of a St. Thomas vocabulary.

Cases of misbehaviour will not be tolerated.

English shall be the language of communication for all students in the campus; corrective measures to help the students to converse in English shall be taken by teachers and this shall be respected both by parents and students.

5.Students should not indulge in talking aloud or loitering in the campus while the classes are in progress.

6.The behaviour of the senior classes must be exemplary to the other students.

7.Girls/boys are not expected to wear ornaments and jewellery like rings, long earrings , chain, bangles, bands or the use of cosmetics such as lipsticks, nail polish, mehendi etc.

8.* Girls are to tie their hair properly and should not let it loose. Unconventional hairstyle, any make-up that degrades the uniform of the pupil will not be tolerated.

*Boys are to cut their hair properly be fitting of a student, any style that degrades the uniform of the pupil will not be tolerated.

9.The length of the girls skirt shall be up to the knee.

10.No collection of money for any reason is allowed by the students without the consent of the school authorities.

11.Every student must possess the School Diary and personal I D and bring it to school daily without fail.


To the parents:

To avoid a heavy load of work at the time of examinations for your ward you require to:

1.Provide a fairly convenient place for your ward’s study at home.

2.Make a study time table for him/her and see that he/she works at it at least three hours daily in junior class and five hours or more for senior classes.

3.Supervise all his / her written works daily.

4.Home works/assignments/projects are to be done by the students and ensure that your ward has studied her daily lessons every day.

5.Parents/guardians are to keep a vigilant eye on the use of Computers, internet, Television, cell phones, social networking sites, etc. which are both useful and harmful for your wards. Excessive use of such can hamper their progress in study and development of character.

To the students:

1.See that every day you devote at least thirty minutes for language and forty to one hour for Mathematics study. Three to four hours of personal study for all the subjects will help you master your subjects Time spent in private tuition is not included in this and in not encouraged by the school).

2.Do the home- task / projects assigned to you at proper time by yourself.

3.Cover your text books and keep all your books and copies neat and cleal. There should be any drawings/writings other than assigned by the subject teacher.

4.Go through your daily class routine and bring the required text and exercise books to school.

5.Do your utmost to improve your handwriting and spelling.

6.Read more informative and educative books, news papers and magazines to broaden your knowledge and keep yourself updated with current affairs.


1.Tests conducted in the classes cannot be undermined and the students are to prepare themselves ell for it.

2.Promotion depends on the child’s performance throughout the year and not only on the marks secured in the final examination.

3.Promotion is decided by the Principal and the teachers at the teachers’ meeting. Hence results are final and cannot be reconsidered. Promotion Answer Scripts shall not be shown. The decision of the school in the matter of promotion is final.

4.Absence from examination with sufficient reason is a breach of discipline and will be considered equivalent to failure.

5.No examination will be taken before or after the proposed dates under any circumstances.

6.Tampering with entries in the Progress Report will be severely dealt with.

7.Re- exams or tests are not held for absent or failed students.

8.Ranks are given to those who pass in all the subjects, and have minimum 80% attendance.


1.School Library is open to students from classes V to XII.

2.Books lost or damaged must be replaced by the one held responsible.

3.Students are not allowed to borrow school library books from one another.

4.Books taken from the library must not be kept with the students for more than one week.

5.Reference library is a place for serious study and students from classes V to XII who wish to increase their knowledge in any subject could avail it beyond their library period without bunking classes.

6.No books shall be taken out of the reference library. No tracing or making of any book is allowed.

7.Strict silence should be observed in the School Library.


1.The school has well furnished Computer Labs and Science Labs.

2.The students are taken to the laboratories by their subject teachers as per the need and they are to strictly adhere to the guide lines given by the teachers in the use of the machines or equipments/ in performing experiments.

3.Damages caused to any of such materials may be made good by the students responsible for it.

4.Strict silence is to observed by the students in the labs and on their way to and from the labs and the class rooms.


1.The school fees cover twelve calendar months of the year. Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls. Fees once paid not refunded.

2.Those seeking Trances Certificate in between the session shall clear all fees until that session along with annual Fees and Computer Fees.

3.Annual Fees shall be paid at the time of Renewal of admission (on the date notified in the renewal form).

4.Pupils whose dues are not cleared completely will be barred from sitting for examination.


Boys: White shirt with long sleeves, Navy blue pants, Naughty Boy black shoes, blue socks, Navy blue sweater with red stripes, Red ties, black belt.

Girls: White shirt with long sleeves, Navy blue skirt, Naughty Boy black shoes, white socks with red stripes, Navy blue sweater with red stripes, Red      ties, Red school belt, red ribbon. (Length of the skirt shall be up to knee)    

Class XI& XII

Girls: White cotton Salwar and cotton Dupatta with Navy blue Kameez with round collar and up to the knee, navy blue sweater with red stripes, black buckled shoe, white socks with red stripes, red ribbon

N B:   Boys same as Secondary. 

Blazer same both for boys and girls.


Class I to XII

House Jersey, Blue Track suits, black shoes, Ribbon of the House colour. (To be worn by the students on all Wednesdays and Fridays and brought to the school on the days of their P.T. classes.

N. B.: The school uniform must be worn every day. It must be clean and tidy. A pupil who comes without full uniform or whose uniform is dirty and untidy may be sent home or a fine of 50/- shall be charged as the case may be. On all days of organized examination or tests the students shall use full (School Uniform.